Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My H1N1 Friends

Tomorrow I leave foe Louisiana. My dad and u are going for hus 40th reunion. I've never been to his hometown in Louisiana - I've never been to Louisiana at all.

We're flying to get there. This is where my dilema began. Do I wear a mask or do I chance it? Do I give in to fear and hype about the piggy flu, or do I do what my heart and brain say and ignore the whole thing?

I'm not one to panic. This flu doesn't scare me. I think it's not as big a deal as they say it is. Yes, we have confirmed cases in Wisconsin, and confirmed cases in my county, but I'm still not worried.

I am going to refuse to wear a mask on the planes. I figure I've survived worse, and if I'm meant to get the flu I'm going to get it. The masks I can comfortably wear an am able to breathe through are not the masks that prevent the transmission of the flu. If rather take my chances and breathe comfortably than pass out from lack of oxygen.

If I end up with the piggy flu, I figure I'll gain a whole new group of friends - the H1N1 survivors. And we all know how much I love new friends!

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Tabitha said...

The swine flu isnt spread through the air anyways... its through saliva droplets... so just dont touch your face or eat without washing your hands...

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