Monday, May 4, 2009

The Reason I'm Tired

Today, I was tired. I slept in until 10am (an amazing feat in the hospital) and then after breakfast napped until about 3pm.

Everyone kept commenting on my horrible night and how sorry they were and how they hopped today was better - and I had NO idea what they were talking about. Yesterday around 2pm I had a reaction to a medication and had to deal with an abnormally stupid Fellow, but I know why the reaction happened, and now I just take benadryl before that med and I'm fine. So I had NO idea why my night was so horrible.

My night nurse, Amy just came on. And right now, I'm going to talk for a second about my main nurses - the nurses I love. I hate when these three nurses have days off, because they know me, we get along, and above all, they really know how to do their job. And they even smile when they come in my room - which makes being here bearable. I have Deb, Erin, and Amy. Bless their hearts, they have made this hospital stay so much better than all my others just because they know what the hell they are doing. And the Nurse Practitioners from Pulmonary can make things happen too - although they usually come early in the morning so I have no filter on my mouth and that can get me in trouble with them. And Dr. Meyer - well, he's just hilarious. I wish he were still on call this week. We'll see if I can get a few laughs out of Dr. NewMan (this is what I call the generic docs when I don't remember their names yet).

Anyways, Amy. She just came on and she stopped by my room to talk about last night. She asked what I remember, and I said, "Nothing." Then she told me about how my IV Pump wouldn't stop beeping last night. For Hours.

Apparently, I asked her, "Is it morning already?" and kept telling her, "It's beeping."

The disrupted sleep - although I never really woke up - is probably why I'm tired today.

Here's hoping for a Beep-Free night!

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