Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things I've been Meaning to Blog

I've been meaning to talk about some of these things. Some of them are things I jotted down so that I would remember to blog about them later.

Here we go!

They hide psych patients in the basement of this hospital. If feels like a complete dungeon in here. If you weren't already crazy, you certainly good end up crazy by being here.

I'm terrified for my friend. I want to be with her every second to make sure she's okay. I want to take care of her.

It hurts me more to see others in pain than to be in pain myself.

Mental illness is worse than physical illness in many cases. Physical pain is less confusing. Less emotionally damaging.

I don't want to lose my friend - but I sort of feel like she's already gone. She suggested we go to a "new" Chinese Buffet she found - when we've already been there about a dozen times together. I miss her, and it's causing me to panic.


2/9/09 - A New Clinic Experience in a New Town

Strike one - they have me scheduled with the wrong doctor.

Plus - seems like they take care of the CFers. They know them well and by name.

Plus - Free O2 in the waiting room!?! It's like a 5 star hotel w/ free champagne!

Plus - Free Muffins! I may marry this clinic Vegas-style.

Plus - PFTs are up! 80% and 50%

Plus - They fix the doc screw up and allow me to see the doc I want to see!

Plus - Possibly listing for Tx in two locations

Plus - Willing to work with Madtown team!

Plus - Thorough exam from Dr. B! What is this? They do more than talk to me?

Plus - Dr. A is good too - I see TWO doctors at one time? This place is CRAZY awesome!

Plus - The receptionist already remembers me :-)

Plus - RT is GREAT! You can call them on the PHONE!?!?! NO WAY! SUPER COOL!

Plus - It was a happy experience! I am happy!

Plus - Learned of the existence of the Percussor 5000! Something Madtown has never HEARD of!

Plus - Clinic is thorough like Peds Pulm in Madtown - what the hell has happened to Adult Pulm in Madtown??? It's crazy there.

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Katey said...

Sounds like the new clinic experience wasn't too bad!!

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