Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh... My... God...


.... I thought seeing him from the mezzanine level was good - and then I MET him.

He puts on an amazing show. I enjoyed every second - and I couldn't believe I was in the same room as him. I tried to keep my cool and say, "Well, it's only David Sedaris," but when he came on stage I started to cry. I was so excited to hear him read.

He did a great question and answer session too - and talked a lot about how he goes about writing.

And then...

I was across the table from Davis Sedaris. My God, my inspiration, the one who makes me want to write a better book. He was across the table from me... signing a book for Kyra and Baby - But I met him, and he spoke to me.

Thanks a million to Chris for driving us there, and for getting into line early so we didn't have to stand forever and so we could also hear the entire Q&A... I'm a little obsessed with the man. And big thanks to Baby for not deciding to come DURING the show - I would have been said if we had to leave in the middle. And thanks to Kyra for being the pregnant lady to compliment this lame chick. And as David said, "This is my show and you can wait your fucking turn!"

David Sedaris, will you be my Will and I can be your Grace? You're so much funnier than my brother, and that place in France ain't so bad either.

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