Sunday, October 12, 2008


So my brother bought a pair of pink boxer-briefs at a store on State Street for $14. I thought this was an outrageous price, seeing as I can buy "the expensive stuff" at Victoria's Secret and get 5 pairs for $25. I was saying that there is only slightly more fabric to boxer-briefs, and my brother corrected me, saying that guys need extra padding in the front so the underwear doesn't wear out as fast. Our conversation concluded with this:

Me: Guys have extra padding in the crotch so your penis doesn't wear through the fabric faster? I thought it was because guys are too lazy to wipe themselves, so they need the extra padding so that urine doesn't get on their pants.

Darin: Potato, Potato.
(damn, they are spelled the same).

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Tabitha said...

umm i pretty much think this post is hilarious

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