Friday, October 24, 2008

Queen of Needles

Dear World,
I got a tattoo. I thought you might like to know. It's not a big deal. I just decided this past weekend that it was time and I needed to do this. I know the exact second I decided. I woke up on Tuesday and knew that was the day. I wasn't scared at all.

I guess you could call me the Queen of Needles this week - I got a tattoo (which didn't hurt, it's sore now, but doesn't hurt), I got my 2nd Lupron shot (in my ass), got my flu shot (which makes my arm sore), and got my port flushed. And of course I gave myself my insulin shots. All I needed was to have some blood drawn, and this week would be completely filled with needles.

Of all the needles, the only one that hurt at all was my port flush. But imagine someone shoving a large 3/4 inch needle straight into your chest. It's going to hurt a little. After the initial stick, it's no big deal - and I'm used to it.

This should be my only tattoo until they find a cure for CF - then I will get a purple rose for having survived it.

So here's today's photo, my tattoo.


Gizela said...

Does all the symbols in your tattoo have meanings?
Love the ladybird!
Greetings from South Africa

careysue said...

That is beautiful!!

I want a tattoo...only, my husband hates them, for me not other people.

I will get one someday.

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