Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Do I Watch this Crap

I watch a lot of TV. I may as well just say "I breathe a lot of air," because that's about how much TV I watch. I watch the dumbest shows, and have found some shows I really enjoy.

But today, I'm going to comment on "The Office." Yes, I am only on episode 3 of the first season, but so far, I hate it. It's not funny. At all. To explain me a little, I don't like "Family Guy" or "The Simpsons," but they are tolerable and occasionally make me laugh. So far, "The Office" has yet to make me laugh.

Will someone explain to me why this is funny??? Please? I just don't get it. Everyone loves it - and so far, I just hate it.

I like horrible, horrible television, but I just can't get into "The Office."

Gimme my "John and Kate Plus Eight," and re-runs of "Mad About You." I'll skip "The Office."


careysue said...

I have never watched the office, my kids talk about it...maybe I should just to see what they're talking about!!

I love the Discovery Health Channel, like Mystery Diagnosis and shows like cold case files....husband hates them-says they're too gory!

gahitstoni said...

The first season is the worst season. Basically it's just there to introduce you to the character's personalities! But no frets. It's only about 5 episodes long. I think the 3rd season is hilarious, but the 2nd season is fantastically funny as well. Just give it a little bit more of a chance. You also really have to like Steve Carell to totally get into The Office. It's my favorite show ever. EVER.

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