Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping Habbits

Today I bought soap. I thought I might need some special kind of soap, so I bought a container at the store. I also bought Lucky Charms, my favorite eyeshadow color, and some other miscellaneous groceries, but I am going to focus on the soap.

I bring this soap home - a bottle of liquid hand soap - and walk into the bathroom to set it on the counter, where hand soap belongs. There I find a bottle of hand soap - about 3/4 gone. I think, "good, you actually needed soap. Good purchase." I go to the kitchen sink and find two nearly empty containers of soap, so I throw them out. I replace them with the partial bottle from the guest bath. I go to my bath and find the full bottle I recently placed there and I think all is right with the world because I restocked my soap at just the right time.

Later, I go to find more paper towels, and there under the sink in the guest bathroom, underneath several very large packages of toilet paper I find four unopened bottles of hand soap.

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