Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I Have Successfully Done Today

I am keeping a list of all the good things I do today. Maybe this will be a trend, and I'll keep a list every day until I don't need it anymore (this is my 2nd attempt to get things straight in my life. They are better, but not perfect. I'm picking again - which needs to stop, so hopefully a list of things I did will help that. I need to get my place finished. I don't care if it kills me, it WILL get done. Maybe I'll ask Mom and Dad for money for early Christmas so that I can get photos from Europe printed.)

Anyways.... Here is my list:

-Brushed teeth :-)
-Went to OB. Got Lupron and FLU shots. (Flu shot is DONE).
-Saw Dr. Martin.
-I VOTED!!! Go and vote people, seriously.
-Picked up all the paper that was on the floor of the den (still needs to be sorted - but it's at least in a bag with other paper I need to sort)
-Re-organized the guest bathroom. Under the sink is neat and the way I want it. :-)
-Emptied the Buffet so I can put IV stuff in it.
-Put away craft stuff into the sideboard.

...Maybe this list will grow... but maybe not. I babysit this evening.

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careysue said...

I love when I get things done! :) I cleaned out our laundry room today and pitched so much's kind of therapeutic!

I haven't stopped by in a while I hope everything's going OK.

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