Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I've Done

Today is an organizing day. I'm going to keep track of what I've done.

*Put away IV stuff
*Found REALLY large needle/syringe hehe hehe.
*Organized more craft stuff.
*Cleaned out some of stuff in Dining room/Living room
*Put yarn in new place
*Put away some photos
*Sorted stuff from Europe
*Put away most things in the dining room
*Very nearly got the entire Living room/Dining room done :-)\
*Put together a little Nativity merry-go-round thing (btw, it has TWO Marys... more about that later)
*Took a shower
*Did lots of other little things that I can't remember now
*Made dinner (frozen pizza, but hey, it's better than Lucky Charms for every meal)
*Did a little dusting

1 comment:

careysue said...

You did a lot more than I did today...I love it when I get a lot accomplished!

Do you know much about G-tubes? They want to put one in for Rickie. It's getting harder and harder to get him to eat, and of course if he doesn't eat he doesn't gain weight.

Thanks for any advice...:)


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