Friday, August 29, 2008


CHRIS got a job offer!!!

...I plan on linking his name to Chris and Kyra's blog... but first I need to search my email and find the link again. Really need to update things around here.

But Chris and Kyra are staying in town!!! LOVES IT!!! I'll get to be a full-time honorary aunt! (And not to mention spend all that time with two of the greatest people in the world!)

Congratulations to Chris and Kyra and Baby!

And yes, congratulations to me because I'm really excited about this! I'm probably never going to get to have kids of my own, and my brother hates kids so I probably will never be a blood relation Aunt. I guess I could be an Aunt by marriage maybe someday if I ever find someone marriage-worthy, but the point is I love kids and I want to be around them all the time. I want to be a mother - but I'm just as excited about being an honorary Aunt :-)

I want the special bond you have with kids when you're around them all the time - yes the babysitter relationship is great if you see the kids all the time, but it's not like family. Kids don't usually cry for their babysitter - they cry for family.


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Chris S. said...

Thank you!

It's, by the way. :p

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