Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My New Life

I've decided to start over. Right now. From now on I'm doing things right. I am healthy right now and I really want it to stay that way as long as possible. I've decided there are several things I must do daily to maintain this health. These things are (in no particular order):

1. Brush my teeth. I'm hoping my wisdom teeth will come in and I won't have any more infections and I won't have to have them out before January, if at all. I know brushing your teeth daily doesn't sound that hard, but sometimes it is. Sometimes I just hang out in my PJs for hours and then I forget when I get dressed. Sometimes I'm too lazy. Sometimes I'm too sick. Sometimes I'm too sad. I'm not chicken to admit that sometimes I don't brush my teeth every day. But from now on I am going to try.

2. Have chest PT and/or Vest daily. Sometimes I skip my vest or chest PT when I am dancing or busy or gone. I am going to try and do my vest or chest PT every day. Dancing is good for my lungs, but it's not an excuse not to do my therapy.

3. Do saline daily, instead of weekly. I know doing what I'm supposed to - saline twice a day - is a lofty goal for myself, and honestly I feel it is unnecessary when I am doing well. I have decided that daily saline is still necessary, even if I'm not coughing stuff up. So yes, going to do one saline per day.

4. Write in my journal. Somewhere a couple years ago I drifted away from my private journal. I think I found typing easier than writing, and I just got lazy. It was in this time that my mental health sort of fell apart. I know I cope better when I write in my own journal - the journal where I never censor anything I say. My goal is to write every night before bed so that I will sleep better and have better days.

5. Blog something brilliant. This is more of a weekly goal - I want to write one book-worthy piece a week to start. I need to get back to finishing my book - and hopefully I'll be ready this spring to take a class on book publishing.

6. Organize my house. I know this has been a goal forever - but this summer I was too sick to really work on it. I'm now in prime house-organizing shape and I am determined to get it done and decorated if it kills me! I might keep a photo update going on here of things I get decorated and finished :-).

So those are my goals. My lame, sort of ridiculous goals that I must achieve if I want to stay healthy mentally and physically. Maybe I'll give a daily update on how my goals are going.


Chris S. said...

Since you like typing more, you could just convert the journal to a document on your computer or set up a private blog only accessible by you. A document in Google Docs or a similar service would be easily available online anywhere you want to write.

Alice said...

Every year my new years resolutions used to start with 1)DO MY NEBS 2) exercise... 3) take all my pills.. haha, us CFs are so much the same :)

Kyra S. said...

Whenever I have a goal or to do list, I take some time to put it into a really pretty format then hang it on my wall. For me, this simply involves typing it up with a cool font and adding graphics, (what I did for my before-baby-is-born list) but you're so creative you could turn it it to a piece of art! I think this makes it a lot more visible and real, and also makes going over them daily much less tedious.

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