Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Plus a Lovely Rant.

Where have all the comments gone? Hmmm...

Today I watched way too much "Jon and Kate Plus 8" because I am a weirdo and I record every episode. Right.

I slept a lot and decided not to go have fun or join my friends in their plans b/c the pollen count is so high and my sinuses hate me. Only two more weeks of hating and then I have surgery.

I talked to my Sarah Lynn - I love her more than my luggage. We talked about me essentially losing/getting rid of a friend of mine, and she said it's probably a good decision. At the CF walk Sarah Lynn was really excited to meet this person, but this person was not at all interested in meeting her, or my brother or the other important people I really wanted her to get to know better. Sarah Lynn's BF puts my friends into two groups "Carla's Cool Friends" and "Carla's not so cool friends." Good Guy. I can't wait to see them this weekend!

Like I mentioned, I essentially ended a friendship. I got several opinions on this and made my decision that the friendship was too stressful. This friend gets mad when I'm upset with her... for things like that whole "boy" incident, or not backing me up on dance team stuff after she told me I had her full support. I only had her support to the point where it wouldn't hurt her dancing. She told me I didn't have the right to be upset about the "decisions she made" - like the decision to continue taking lessons with Dakota. I told her I have the right to be upset about whatever the hell I want to be upset about. I can be mad about whatever I want... I'm pretty sure this is a fairly free country despite the Patriot Act.

That's what bothered me. Her telling me what I can and can't be upset about. Bullshit. If you don't think I should be upset about it, well that's your own opinion, but it doesn't mean I have to stop being upset. That, and her claiming I take my anger out on her. People who I have taken my anger out on remember it. They end up walking the five miles back to town in the rain in their soaking clothes. They end up banned from clubs. They end up losing their jobs. They end up losing friends and limbs. Because if I am truly angry and not just upset (they are two different things to me) you will know. If I am upset - the lesser of the two words - I will want to talk it out and get you to understand why I am upset. Usually I would like an apology (I crave them and give them out too often because my mother refuses to ever say "I'm Sorry"). Most importantly, I would like you to note how you pissed me off and try not to do it in the future.

For example, if you ask me if dating a certain guy would upset me and I tell you "Yes, yes it would." Don't tell me the next week that you've been dating since before you asked me the question. 1. Dumb question - why did you bother asking me? 2. I told you it would bother me, where did your logic skills go?

I think you get the point. But if you irk me the wrong way (aka upset or piss me off) enough times, I'll just stop talking to you. I have too many things to worry about to have troublesome friends.

The End.


Tabitha said...

I record Jon and Kate plus 8 too


Do you like to watch funny videos. have you ever watched, "end of ze world"

well... your one post with "le sigh" made me think of it.. its funny so youtube if you haven't already seen it.

-facebook friend

Kori said...

love me some Jon and Kate.

I'm sorry you had to end a friendship but it sounded like it had to be done. So when are the dates for the surgery. Or do you have them yet?

Kyra S. said...

I think you did the right thing dear. People who cause you stress should not be in your life. Doesn't matter who they are, how long they've known you, or even their being related to you through some accident of nature. Take it easy for a while, take care of your health and know that there are people who really love and care about you. (and more on the way!)

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