Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What I Said

Here is what I wrote in an email, and I'm posting it here because I feel so strongly about it:

Yes I am still upset. I feel betrayed. I feel you are supporting him. I feel not saying anything to him is letting his behavior slide and letting him continue to act the way he does - which is not an acceptable way to treat people. That's the whole reason I emailed what he wrote to me to the whole team - I don't believe what he said should ever be said by one human being to another. His words were hurtful and just plain mean. I still doubt myself when I think about what he and Gwen wrote to me - and I don't even want to know what Josh and DeAnna have said. So yes, my friends staying on the team bothers me some - taking privates with Dakota bothers me a lot because anyone who can create that much self-doubt in a person (especially in a person like me who usually doesn't care what others think) should not be tolerated.

Dakota made me doubt my dance abilities when he refused to teach me to the level I had already been taught. He made me uncomfortable on top of that. I stopped taking private lessons and took group lessons - where I learned nothing new. I enjoyed them anyways because I was dancing. I was helping others learn.

I just completely disagree with everything that team is about - I've researched other teams - teams at other universities, to see how they work. It's not like DanceSport. With DS you don't have a prayer of competing unless you take private lessons, which I feel is wrong. You pay dues to be on a competitive team - the team should give you competitive tools so you can compete if you wish. DS doesn't even plan for competitions, except Star of the North, where non-students can compete. Ohio is their main comp - and other teams have chosen to not go to Ohio b/c not everyone can compete there.

Other dance decisions on my part are going to come soon.

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