Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home IVs

I hate home IVs. I don't get as much rest as I need. It just doesn't work well.

It's not me, because I would rest as much as I need. The problem is my mother. She hates any clutter in my place - and right now it's pretty cluttered from my re-organization project of the summer (which failed miserably. It's now my "Fall-winter project"). She yells at me. She makes me get up and help organize things. She makes me help with the laundry because she's "not my slave."

Note to self: do it all inpatient because you can't handle your fucked up crazy mother.


gahitstoni said...

Home IV's don't mean you can get off that easily. Even I know that. Haha. I'm cleaning the house every day. The whole house and I'm on home IV's now too. It sucks, but we gotta do it. Good luck dealing with Momzilla.

Tabitha said...
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Jen said...

I know it sucks that she is on your case a lot...but try to look at the positive side that she is able to come and help you at all. When I am on home abx I have to do all the meds myself, that means staying up late to do them and then waking up super early when they are due again...not to mention the 4 times a day my vest is required when I am sick!! My husband helps me with laundry and stuff and when I need my port covered for a shower but he doesn't know how to actually run the meds which is fine with me....and then I cook dinner so then he cleans up (I get the better end of the deal) :) My mom lives like an hour away and has her own job and stuff so she just can't take off of work every time I am sick! Anyway...I hope you feel better soon.

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