Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Get My Shit Together Day 1

I got my shit together. It's official. I ordered meds, I picked them up, I poured my meds. I did my treatments, I brushed my teeth, I cleaned out the desk in the living room (well started... looks like the front room of my house is a two-day project). And as a reward I went to my friend Tracy's Lia Sophia party tonight. Spent too much on jewelry, but I've decided to get rid of all my non Lia earrings because I'm so damn allergic to them. I'll keep the special ones - like the ones I bought in Hawai'i, but other than that my earrings are gone. If you'd like some craptacular used earrings let me know!

I'm proud that I've got my shit together (well for today). Now this will be Project: Maintaining Put Together Shit. Please submit better names if you have one.

I'm so glad I went to Tracy's tonight - I met some great people, some great opportunities and have already been invited to a Girls' Weekend!

I got some really amazing compliments from Tracy - mostly about how I handle my CF and myself in general, and it just made me feel great. I'm glad that I am becoming the person I want to be - if I'm not mostly there already.

Tomorrow I'm going on a QUEST. A QUEST to look for publishers. I'm diving in the deep end blind here - and I mostly know DON'Ts of the publishing world, but I may go ahead and commit a few of them anyways because I really think my book needs to be finished. I really need to get my message out there.

Life is Fun!

I need to go to bed - Dr. Appointment at an unholy hour tomorrow morning.


Gizela said...

You are an inspiration to so many people.
Greetings from SA

Amanda said...

way to go Carla! tip for keeping shit together: find something to make you accountable. I used to struggle REALLY BADLY with sleeping in before school/work instead of doing my vest. Then I decided that I needed to drive my then-bf to school everyday (even though he could ride his bike or the bus) and the obligation forced me get up early to do my vest beforehand so I could go straight to work afterwards. And he asked me each and every day if I did it. I know you don't have a bf right now, but maybe you have some other activity or someone that you talk to regularly that is charged with asking you daily if you've done your vest. Helped me a lot--and my health improved dramatically.

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