Thursday, August 28, 2008


Insomnia of the worst kind. This is the "Jump out of bed you have so much to do!" insomnia. Not the, "Man I'm tired but I just can't fall asleep" insomnia. Then, at least I am content to stay in my bed eating Popsicles until my blood sugar is high enough that I fall asleep (don't worry, it's not really dangerous, just not good in the long-run).

This is the "why don't I get out of bed and use those dorm decorations I made like two years ago to decorate the back of my bedroom door, because that's a GOOD idea for 2 am!" This is the "Let's finish cleaning that mess in the living room that was the contents of THAT desk - and then move on to the front closet - and remember to move all the stuff from your CURRENT desk to the family room to sort THAT stuff - especially the stuff on top of the desk - because I want to get rid of that. OH, and how about cutting apart magazines to finish the back of the bedroom door project? That sounds like a good project for 2am."

How do I turn my brain off now that it's back on?

I've been dormant for most of the summer - rotting my brain on television and movies - and usually falling asleep during the movies. My brain now is screaming "YOU FEEL HEALTHY! LET'S GET OUT OF BED AND DOOOOO SOMETHING!" So I'm out of bed doing stuff...

I have to be up at 6am... right. I'll probably crash around 4am and be SOOO screwed tomorrow. It's okay, I think. I can sleep the rest of the morning and still get things done in the afternoon. Good plan.

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