Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts from an Insomniac

Facebook is funny - I just looked through my 500+ friends (yes I know that is RIDICULOUS, but they are there), and then I looked through all the people that came up for my high school in a search (why, I don't know - I was bored). I noticed oh, like ONE person who had un-friended me and it very nearly bothered me.

The fact that someone I hate un-friended me bugs me, though - This guy I'm talking about actually blocked me on Facebook! Can you believe that? Someone would block ME? It's good to know that I'm as big of a pain in his ass as he is in mine. At least I'm not predatory.

The fact that my dance partner from last semester un-friended me bugs me. Douche bag. I think it's probably because he's friends with the dick wad who blocked me. Well, as long as Dick Wad calls Douche Bag in the middle of the night when he's suicidal and drunk, I don't care. As long as he no longer calls ME.

After searching through all the people who ever went to my high school I only found one more that I would enjoy being Facebook friends with. Whether she even remembers me or would want to be my Facebook friend is debatable.

Aw... I've been blocked for the first time on Facebook. Good for me.

Aw... the late-night CRAZY BITCH email. I hope I get a response so I can blog about it. I think I start half my battles so I can blog about them. Good for me.

Okay - now looking for publishers until I crash. Hell I may not even sleep until I go to the doc this morning. Good for me. I'm going to royally fuck up my sleep schedule. Hell, I may even try not sleeping for a few days and see what happens. Woot. I'll let you know.


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