Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pet Peeves of the Day

1. the ridiculous CD player in my bathroom - a. it exists, and I can't live without it. b. I once dropped it (b/c I took it to a dancesport practice... don't be bitter, Carla, don't be bitter) and now it has two volumes - off and max. It's a little annoying. I could just buy a new one, but that would require going to a store and I would spend more than I planned. I always do.

2. this annoying flu. And the annoying tooth. Right, I had the infection in my tooth, which is healing nicely (I can now close my mouth), and then I got the flu. Same day. It was fun. I still have the flu thing, and because of it I can't go to a party I really wanted to attend. Plus showering took all my energy. Go away, showering.

3. i've been so sick my mom had to come stay with me. end of story. She didn't call me on my birthday - she called me the day after and didn't mention the birthday, or the fact that we weren't speaking - she just pretended nothing happened. And this is how things always go. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't hurt.

4. people - I thought I had made a couple really, really good friends last semester, but since Europe I've seen them, oh, once. Oh no, maybe twice. I guess a third time if you count the dance. Whatever. Maybe my being upset over the dance team thing screwed that up, and if that's the reason, well then it's probably not worth being around them. (this is getting long... I need to make another entry about this)

5. i'm tired of being tired.

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