Friday, August 8, 2008

Johnnie and June

I was inspired tonight by another blogger's post. She said her favorite new song is "Johnnie and June" ...and it's mine too... I forget who it's by, but I'll look it up later. It's too late tonight for research.

My friends were here this evening for the Olympics (AMAZING ceremony, AMAZING friends, AMAZING time, just love all around). There were only 4 of us total, but it was a great time for me. People I don't usually see - and my favorites.

So we were chatting about people I've dated... and Amelia comments that we have to find me a better guy next time because I've found some real winners and I deserve better (thanks :-) ).

So tonight, here's to wishing for a love like Johnnie and June :-)

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Kori said...

Heidi Newfield sings the song.

So glad you got to hang out with some friends. And here's to you and finding that love like Johnnie and June.

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