Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I've Done in the Hospital

Nothing. Yeppers, I've done nothing.

I'm going home tomorrow - but I'm going to be trying to treat it like I'm in the hospital. So I'm going to try and not go anywhere or do very much, but visitors are always welcome!

I'm addicted to YouTube. William Sledd. Hilarious. My favorite is still the "Ask a Gay Guy: Hair Edition." I watch it over and over. "Merry Bitchmas" is also entertaining.

I know I haven't been writing much - I've been sick for a couple weeks. I was at home, on the couch almost everyday, and then in the evening I would muster my strength and try and go hang out with people. But not much to report.

I'm going home tomorrow! And I'll be back in next week Friday for my surgery - and who knows how long they'll keep me hostage after that! Oh well. Maybe surgery will go really well. :-)

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drained in sj said...

Anyone who makes a twitter comment that she shit her pants is my hero.....

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