Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Damn Sick... But at Least I'm Still Movin'

Reasons I'm happy it's just my sinuses (well, it only feels like my sinuses):

*It's not my lungs.
*I'm only tired (and I did get a shower this evening, which makes me feel better).
*I'm still at my house. I may need my mom to come and help me, but for now I'm at my house and not in the hospital yet.
*I'm in my bed (well... not my bed, I'm still only comfortable sleeping on the den bed or the couch b/c of my fever, but it's a bed at my house).
*I'm not in a hospital bed.
*There are no IVs beeping.
*I'm not on the transplant list.
*I'm not on oxygen.
*I'm not on a ventilator.
*I had an unproductive weekend, but I was able to leave the house by myself, with no O2 and go buy my new cell phone. (P.S. Still can't figure out how the dumb thing works... I hate it.)
*I weigh more than I did in high school.
*They aren't threatening me with a feeding tube.
*I don't have any scary tubes - no chest tubes, no feeding tubes, no NG tubes, no tubes at all.
*I'm not septic (Yes, I am thankful that my blood isn't infected by the MRSA that I grow).
*I can walk.
*I can dance.
*I can go to the grocery store.
*I can shower.

...I think you guys get the point. I'm really thankful that I am only this sick and not any sicker yet.

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