Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Hate Phones

I loved my Razr... or however they decided to spell it recently. I had gotten used to all the features, I had some fun ringtones (sure, I'd like some more, but I didn't need them). All was good with that phone. I knew my contacts by their ringtone, and I was happy with the speed dial for my 160 something contacts.

Last night I sent a text message (If you got my late night text message, please let me know what you replied - I didn't get it). Then, just as the reply came, the screen went dead. The phone was still on - it was ringing, but I couldn't see the screen. This meant no text reading for Carla. Sooo sad. I went to bed and tried to pretend that my phone would be okay in the morning. It wasn't.

So I had to go through the process of buying an all new phone today. What a pain in the ass. I should have just gotten the newer version of my old phone (even though it was quite a bit more expensive...). This new phone I have is awful. I can't figure anything out. It has a music player - and it confuses the SHIT out of me.

I spent an hour or more downloading new ringtones... and now they are STUCK in the music player and I can't transfer them to the ringtone box.... and this shouldn't have happened. I downloaded the ringtones from AT&T (which I have enjoyed being a customer of thus far - the 1.25 years I've been with them). AT&T asked for the model number of my phone - and I put in the Nokia 6555 - and it still fucked up the downloading.

And of course, customer service is closed until Monday. So are the stores. So this is going to bother me until Monday when hopefully I will get it fixed.

If you know how the hell my Nokia 6555 works, please let me know, because I have read the manual and I STILL am too stupid to work my new phone. God help my mother if she ever had to use it - she can barely use her easy Razor, and this thing SUCKS.

Please Help!!!

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