Sunday, July 27, 2008

List of Today's Complaints

1. I am missing my whistle from my car keys. So mad about it. I blame my mother because I can.

2. My mother is a nut job. Today she said to me, "I'm going to sell this place!" (This place being the home where I live, which unfortunately is in her name. Thank God it's also in my father's name). My father then said, "And then what is she going to do?" and Mom goes, "That's HER problem."

3. My mother is a nut job. So I forgot about clothes I had in the dryer... oh... a week ago or more. My mother discovered them today, and the mildew that was growing on the inside of the dryer (I had run the dryer, but they were mildly damp because they were towels). This sparked the never-ending yelling. Well that, and the fact that something dropped off a pizza I once made in the oven and was burning while we made the quiche for breakfast... oops. So anyways, Mom is screaming at me about the laundry and I go, "Well I'm sorry that when you were my age you did your laundry in a laundromat and had to sit there and couldn't forget about your clothes. I'm sorry I made a mistake." and she goes, "Well I did forget once, and my clothes were stolen." And then continues yelling at me. Nut job.

4. My mother is a nut job and my dad won't have her committed.

5. My mother is a nut job.

6. I have no confidence in my abilities to live on my own because, what? Oh yeah. My mother is a nut job.

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drained in sj said...

Cool. If we weren't strangers we could trade crazy mom stories...

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