Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Day, Today

Today was a good day.

Cable was installed - best thing about the updated cable for the updated TV? DVR. That's right. No more commercials EVER! I can sit on the couch like a human couch potato instead of sitting at my computer like a computer chair potato and watch TV... and there will be a little variety to it, because I won't get obsessed with a show and then be determined to watch every episode ever made before I move on to the next show. But I do hate that waiting a whole week for the next episode thing. It's like they think my attention span is that long or something.

So I officially recorded my first DVR stuff today. Yes, I have played with the DVR/TiVO at other people's places, but I have never recorded and then watched something on my own... And the first thing I recorded and then purposely waited until it was over so I could watch it with no commercials? Go ahead... guess what I recorded.

No, I recorded Jeopardy! Because I AM that person. I set it up to record Jeopardy! every day because I like feeling smart and getting answers right - especially when the contestants get them wrong. Like today's final Jeopardy! question.

That was super fun, and maybe it's sad that it is the highlight of my day. Well that, and dropping off Chris and Kyra's leftover pizza. I lead an exciting life, my friends.

The other fun thing I did today was curl my hair. My hair is currently quite long, and I have been letting it air dry and then doing nothing with it (unless you count the occasional pony tail). Today, I heated up my curling iron and did my hair like I used to. It's now what I call "Full-on Pageant Hair," and it's how I went to school every day in high school. My hair had to be perfectly curled and my makeup perfectly done and my clothing perfect before I would leave the house for school. I was a nut-job. I guess it's genetic. But it's curable - through drugs and therapy. I am less of a nut-job than I used to be. But doing "Pageant Hair" was fun for one day. I don't think it's going to be a common thing anymore - it takes too much time.

Today I ran into one of my neighbors (just a little note here, I try to avoid all my neighbors like the plague because I hate the awkward questions about my life. Because my life is boring and no, I am not going to go back to college. I am going to have to live in my parents' dwelling until I either die or get married. And here's to hoping that my future spouse wants to live here and has virtually no belongings because I don't want to move. Or move my stuff). So I don't like talking to the neighbors - but they apparently like talking to me. I have nothing to say and I feel very awkward running into them in the garage while I am trying to go somewhere - or if I'm on my way upstairs, I definitely have my mind made up already about what I want to eat next, and therefore am anxious to get to my home. I hate neighborly chit-chat - mainly because I don't have anything to talk about with them.

Guys are dumb. So this internet dating thing - do you have ANY idea how many times the guys get the details wrong? They will reply to my email, "Okay I'll see you Thursday." And I reply, "Um... we originally said Tuesday. If you'd like to meet Thursday, I think I could do that, but we planned on Tuesday. Are we on the same page?" And the answer is no. Guys are never on the same page. They live in their own little ManLand and who knows what goes on there. A lot of porn, I think, but other than that, I have no idea what goes on in ManLand. All I know that here in the Real World, they can't get their dates, times or locations correct.

Goodnight everyone, and here's hoping your day was as fun as mine.

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