Monday, July 21, 2008

IKEA Party

So the IKEA stuff is put together - It won't be in place until my Bday present comes and we set that up, and then the rest of the IKEA stuff can go to its final place.

The only sad thing was that I was trying to put a light bulb in a light I bought, and the light broke. Maybe I or my dad will glue it, but it's tan triste! I was very proud of my mad decorating skills in picking out this light - and then it breaks. The bulb I bought at IKEA is too big - which blows. I was going to buy the little bulb, but I SWORE the display lamp had the bulb I bought. Guess not. I will look online and see if the lamp is available to order online - I hope so.

Other than that, I love the new furniture and am going to have loads of fun putting things away :-)

I'm so sleepy! Goodnight!

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