Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When The Cat's Away

The mice want to play. My phone never rings when I'm at home, but here I am at my parents' place and the thing doesn't stop.

My dad's surgery went well, as did babysitting the dog. I should return home tomorrow. My dad looks like he got punched several times in the eye, but they are pretty sure they got all the cancer.

I poured my meds tonight - all by myself. I haven't read as much as I wanted or worked on one of my projects as much as I wanted - but these are things I can also do at home. One thing I can't do at home is shop at the outlet mall with Mom. We had a great time, and got lots of fun things!

I'm still feeling really good - and can't wait to get home and partake in my GIANT weekend :-)

The newest blog I've been reading is FriendsofPepe.blogspot.com - a girl named Gina has gotten her lungs, and this blog has truly opened my eyes as to how bad it can really get. Go back to the last couple days before she got her lungs - and it's incredible how really sick she was - she should have been dead - and then she finally got her call, and is doing okay, considering how sick she was. Now I can't stop reading and thinking about her.

That's all for tonight.


Jen said...

what does it mean when you say you "poured your own meds tonight?" does that just mean that you took them?? I have never heard anyone call it that before!

Chris S. said...

No silly, it means she's managing her meds. Probably puts them in smaller containers or puts them in the appropriate dosages.

By the way, Carla, I hadn't heard from you so I was wondering how you were doing. It seemed like a long time since you had updated the blog, so I was starting to wonder if everything was okay. (I was one of those callers.)

Anonymous said...


You may want learn the truth about Gina/Pepe....

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