Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On Internet Dating


That's my only suggestion. Don't do it... even if the older man seems great and in emails you get along wonderfully and you know his age, and it "doesn't matter." Inevitably you will find yourself in a hotel bar talking about his wife and three kids.



Jen said...

I am sure you have already heard this before...but once you stop looking for Mr.Right he usually shows up! Trust me there are still some good guys out there...don't worry i didn't get the last one ;)

Chris S. said...

Yeah, internet dating sucks!

Anonymous said...

internet dating is not for most people. Just be patient. Sometimes the most unexpected things happen when you are not looking for them. You are a single, independent, fabulous woman!! embrace it and let other see your beauty and that guy will gravitate to you...just you wait and see.

gahitstoni said...

I AGREE! I did internet dating once and this guy is now like, obsessed with me. Already spent over 1G on me and I won't hang out with him anymore because he creeps me out so damn much.

Matt Todd said...

I guess i'm the exception rather than the rule. I met my wife in an AIM chatroom. So its not all bad and can work in the right situations.

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