Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Morning, Starshine.

It's 6:55 and I've been up for an hour and 1/2. Wooo hooo. I slept until 5:30 this morning instead of waking up at 5.

What happened to me waking up at oh, 10 am and then being able to go back to sleep? It died on that plane ride back from Europe. I can't even nap successfully any more.

Today I have a CT scan - and I know what the Dr. is going to say. "You need surgery." And I'll say, "Can it wait until late August because I'm kind of busy enjoying my summer, and it'd totally suck to have surgery when all my friends are more available to spend time with me. Thanks."

I guess I'll go shower because I have nothing better to do. Yay me.


Chris S. said...

If you have surgery, and your friends are available, you should have plenty of people to show up to spend time with you!

Anonymous said...

Have the surgery. We will all be right there beside you! Yes it will suck b/c it is summer, but you will recover and we can do fun things :) Do what is best for you and you know we will be there. Love you!

gahitstoni said...

My maxillary sinuses are filled completely but they won't do sinus surgery on me because I let my sugars get so out of control. Be glad you are able to do it. Do you feel pressure or is it just something you routinely do?

gahitstoni said...

And by pressure I mean sinus pressure, of course.

Dancing65Roses said...

Yeah, a little sinus pressure. Today I had my CT scan and all of my sinuses are completely full - so my surgery will be at the end of August, probably b/c I'm not in a lot of pain now - and I'd like to put off going into the hospital for as long as possible. Hate that those antibiotics keep getting more resistant.

<3 Carla...

Oh, and Toni - I found your blog :-) I'll have to read it. And thanks again for the IM conversation.

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