Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cell Phones

Today my mother said that there is a study that isn't formally written up yet, but that it is so conclusive that they are going ahead and telling people anyway. It is about cell phones. And my mother says that cell phones cause cancer. So much so that you shouldn't even have yours on. This is what that study said. I haven't read or heard of such study except through my mother, so this may be complete B.S. - I don't know. I'm just writing about what I heard.

I heard that they are saying that you shouldn't let children use cell phones except in absolute emergencies. (Thanks, Pete, for causing someone else's child to have cancer by doing "baby's first cell phone." Just kidding, I think this is B.S.) Now I'm not all for little kids having cell phones - but it does make some sense to have adolescents carry a cell phone - so you can get a hold of your kid, or they can call you.

I like that they say you shouldn't even have your cell phone on because it emits dangerous "things". "Things" was my mother's word, so I'm sure the TV told her something more scientific and she just forgot the word. So what is the point of having a cell phone if it is too dangerous to keep it ON? I say, let me get cancer, then it won't be my CF that kills me. And not dying from my CF in the end is pretty much my entire life goal summed up.

So I'm going to keep my cell phone in the permanent "ON" position.

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