Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I Wanted to Say Tonight

I was finally able to hang out with a ton of people this evening. And it was a Twilight Zone experience finding out all these people from three different groups of friends know each other. CRAZY.

Concerts on the Square are my favorite summer activity. You can get so many people together at a time and just sit around and chill and listen to music. And that's what life is about - chilling and listening to music.

But there were some things I was planning on saying or talking about with various different people, and I was too chicken. So here they are:

*Why didn't you stick up for me?

*You're all protective of your friends, but you didn't stick up for me?

*I have a crush on you.

*There is NO WAY in Hell I would support the DanceSport Team in ANY way. After what Dakota did to me and the way no one stood up for me, why would I attend a fundraiser for that team???

*Art on the Square? Please?

*When are we going to IKEA?

*SMACK - That's for being an idiot.

That's all I can remember right now. You might say my brain is a little obsessed with how my friends reacted to me getting kicked off the team... I wasn't here, and I don't know what went on, and *sigh*.

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