Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Away

I'm really tired of oh so many people. Including right now my mother - and possibly even my father.

For my birthday, I asked my parents if we could get tickets to see a local production of the Mikado. I'd like to go because I know two people who are in it. I'd like to go with my parents and Sarah Lynn because they have actually heard of Gilbert and Sullivan.

First, my mother was pissed that I was trying to talk to her while she was trying to watch the news - because the weather was on and they'd had some storms up there or something. Then, after I was forbidden to talk, she proceeded to yak about the dog and what was happening on the TV. And when I said that for my BIRTHDAY I would like to go see the Mikado - she moaned, "What day IS your birthday." And then she started to whine about how I "always have something up my sleeve." (Yes, it's called living life, maybe you should try it - you might have fun once in a while). And then she started to shriek that she didn't WANT to see the Mikado...

I love you, too, Mom.

I give up. People are way overrated. Well, certain people are, anyways. I have a feeling there will always be about 5 people who could never get on my bad side - because they are the best people I know. And my CF Group - because they are the wisest people I know, and they get me like no other people do.

I had a CF Group meeting tonight - and I love those people so much. I told them about the dancing - and they got it. The first thing someone said was, "But that's how you stayed healthy!" They get it. Finally someone besides the people this has happened to who gets it - maybe who get it even more than the people who have been there, because this was what I did. That team was my life. And now I just have to start all over.

Starting over is hard.

...and today I spent all day resting/sleeping so that I could go to my meeting tonight because my sinuses hurt so bad. ACK. I'm really tired of all this living I have to do. I need to hire someone to do the living part for me and I'll keep doing the fun things - like, um, concerts on the square, and babysitting, and um, watching movies with friends.

And I'm spent.


Chris S. said...

Hey, I think Kyra and I both like Gilbert and Sullivan. I saw Pirates of Penzance with my grandma, and she would always play tunes from other musicals, too.

I hope you don't stop dancing. I know you won't, actually. It's like an addiction (a good one), and I know you won't stop that easily. Don't worry, this fall you'll be back on a team and dancing a lot!

aurorawanderer said...

Just remember that your mother is a crazy, crazy lady, who really does love you, but apparently has the social skills of a two year old and can't vocalize anything to you that doesn't revolve around her, her, her. In summary:

Carla's mom: crazy, crazy self-centered nut job

Carla: well-adjusted young adult despite putting up with the crazy, crazy nut job


. . . this thing won't let me leave my name?

In which case,


Non-Jewish Rachel

PunkUnsung said...

Don't be so hard on your mum. She loves you. Maintaining tolerance and respect makes the world go round (and not around you). Keep a positive outlook on life, and maybe life will look out for you.

-your anonymous family

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