Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Afternoonish Thinklings

*Ew. What is this gunk on my keyboard? I could guess but you probably don't want to hear my guess. Snot or Mucus. That's my guess. I told you anyways.

*I am redecorating my room (this is a common occurance in my life, the redecorating. Usually it involves moving heavy furniture, but 1. I can no longer move heavy furniture on my own, and 2. I really can't think of a different way to arrange any of the rooms - *tear).

*I LOVE the art I created yesterday. Here are the four pieces I created (from photos I took - isn't it great to take photos of photos you've taken???):

This is my rose teapot glass guy. I'd like to feature him more noticeably, but I don't know where or how, since it is breakable and I am likely to break breakables.
These are the four pieces of art hung on my bedroom wall. Compared to the ugly ass poster that was there before, these are magnificent gems and I love to look at them while curled up in my bed, because I am amazingly talented (haha) and the ugliness is gone!
*I just learned how ctrl-z can save your life... I accidentally deleted the previous picture and was like, "OMG how do I undo?" Then I remembered the MAGICAL ctrl-z, and happiness was found.

*What a great day to not take a nap - let's see if I can make it ALL DAY with no nap. Maybe spend a little time outside reading my book or knitting, I don't know.

*I don't hurt as much as I thought I would. I guess my body is getting used to falling to the ground from high heights.

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