Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rationalizations for Just Having Spent Over $200 on Makeup

That's right. I just spent more than $200 on makeup. Oh. My. God. I need to rationalize this.
Lena invited me to a facial party - and it was fun, although I was sleepy, I was excited and I love being pampered and being made to feel like I too can feel like a human being some days. And my skin can also be ever so soft.

I NEED that travel bag for Europe so I don't have to find another toiletries bag.

I NEED that sunscreen/moisturizer for Europe, and if I didn't buy things the way I did, I wouldn't have gotten the travel bag I need.

I need a new cleanser, since the one I have - well, in the last couple months I've given up on washing my face. Showering every couple days is good enough, right? Right. Wrong. I need to actually wash my face before and after I sleep and mush it in with a pile of drool on my pillows.

The mascara was just TOO fabulous to resist! As was the lip balm and the eye shadow and bronzer and and and...

Dear God don't tell my mother how much money I spent on makeup.


Amanda said...

haha, was this Mary Kay? if it is, I TOTALLY did the same thing a couple years ago and rationalized that I needed the bag, fancy daily facial set, night serum, makeup, compact, lip gloss, etc., etc., etc... (sigh...) awesome bag though!


BreathinSteven said...

Hey Beautiful Chick!!!

You make me laugh... I've been checking out your posts now and then and you rarely cease to make me chuckle... (unless your intent is NOT to make me chuckle... then I see the more serious aspect...)

How long are you going to hang onto that potato experiment? They're pretty awesome... That probably could skeve me into not eating that evening too -- but I doubt it.

And I totally agree with your justifications for the makeup... When I go a little overboard on things, my Mom always tells me, "Steve -- you deserve it -- you deserve to treat your self to something special now and then." Mom's been institutionalized at least three times, but I don't let that cloud my judgment regarding things she says... Especially when they're in my favor...

Anyhoo -- thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog... I'm sorry I hadn't noticed it earlier... My problem is that my BreathinSteven blog is a duplicate of my website and I just don't check it all that much -- but your comment meant a lot to me...

I'm excited for you for your trip to Europe -- I haven't been there but my princess is hollering at me to go -- at least to the UK... Post transplant we have to be careful, but the UK and Europe are generally acceptable...

And good luck with your diet!!! I kinda agree with the one commenter about being careful with the weightloss -- that it's our "insurance policy" when we're dealing with infections... When you have a raging infection in your lungs, they basically become a furnace that consumes any of the nutrients you stuff in your mouth, then go after body fat and other food stores... Pre-transplant I was usually around 110-115 (I'm 5'6")... Now, without my furnace, I'm struggling to keep away from 150!!! (OK, struggling to keep away from 153... I waved at 150 on the way by...)

I've found a thing that helps either way (gaining or losing) is to keep a log of every freakin' thing you push past your lips -- along with fat grams and calories... If you're trying to gain, you know the targets you have to meet... If you're trying to lose, you know when to shut your trap... And exercise is necessary -- but OMG, it's depressing how few calories it really burns...

Thanks again...



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