Thursday, March 27, 2008


I needed a few laughs today. So this is what is making me smile today:

Rocky Horror with Bunnies

Spontaneous Musical

David Sedaris - LOVE THIS MAN

I want to BE David Sedaris - a brilliant gay man.

My Favorite Blog (even better than my own).

My favorite blog is MAGICAL - the woman is pure fucking brilliance. I want to be that good someday. I'll get there - I'm still young.

I am sad to admit, but I am working my way forward through ALL the archives on this site - all nearly 300 pages of archives. It's the most I've read in years. I'm more than half done, too - I don't know what I'll do when I get to the beginning (keep up on it daily, obviously), but it will be a bittersweet day.

Aw she's written a book! I'm in LUCK!!! It comes out the end of April, the approximate date of finishing reading her blog!

I'm thinking of blogging a little, reading a little, knitting a little and turning in for bed.

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