Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh The Humanity

There is a situation just BEGGING to be blogged about. It's about me. And maybe another person or two. But the main reason I'm keeping my mouth shut is to preserve my own dignity, because clearly the dignity of others CAN and WILL be sacrificed for the sake of my wit.

Seriously, if this wouldn't bump me down several notches on the "what my friends and loved ones think of me scale" I would TOTALLY be ALL OVER writing about it. Not that most of what I've already written hasn't bumped me down a bit with anyone respectable, but this would TOTALLY ruin my street cred.

Do I have street cred? Well if I do, I would lose it all if I blogged about the thing I'm DYING to blog about. Maybe in a couple years (months, weeks, days) I'll get over this "caring about what people think of me" syndrome and then I will write about it... cuz it's good, my friends, oh so fucking good.

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