Monday, March 3, 2008

"It's really weird when you're not leading me"

It's true. I tend to lead no matter what I'm doing. What can I say, I'm a control freak!!!

I had the most amazing weekend. Friday I practiced the two-step with my partner, and then went to hang out with friends and eat donuts. We also watched an episode of Firefly. Good times.

Saturday I went to dance practice and left early to go to Milwaukee! We ate dinner at Buca's - most amazing food I have had in a REALLY long time - possibly ever. They serve it family style, which makes it more fun! I loved sitting around a round table with ten people - and we can all talk to each other! No silly long table; it's fantastic!!!

Dinner. Amazing. Fabulous. Fantastic. Incredible. Yummy.
Salmon with pesto was the highlight for me - also ate Margherita pizza, ravioli al pomodoro and some had the lemon chicken. I loved the appetizers - garlic bread w/ and w/out cheese, and bruschetta. Haha. Reminded me of Sarah and my birthday party. Funny, Funny, Funny. Bruschetta is not Bree. Bree is a cheese, bruschetta is tomatoes and shit on bread.

Dessert. Also incredibly Yummy! We all shared a tiramisu (this is family style, this stuff is HUGE). two pieces of cheesecake, and a brownie sundae kinda thing.

After dinner we walked to the PAC - about 6 blocks, and my lungs were burning. A friend of mine stayed with me, but I fell about two blocks behind everyone else. Seriously, how can anyone walk that fast??? I used to be a fast walker, I think, but now I'm just super slow.

We met Darin and his friend at the PAC, and saw AVENUE Q - I could talk for hours about the relationship between Avenue Q and Sesame Street and the symbols and the jokes and just how incredible the show was!!!

On the way to the show, my brother and I took the elevator because our seats were on the fourth floor. Remember, my lungs were burning and I couldn't breathe. In the elevator, people got on at the third floor and were going to the fourth floor. Darin said, "Since when are the stairs broken?" And the guy turns around, has a drink in his hand, and says "The stairs are broken since I started drinking." Darin says, "Touché." HILARIOUS. Just like Avenue Q.

After the show Darin walked back to my car and picked me up... I have the world's best brother. Darin and I should live together and be Will and Grace. LOVE that kid.

I had an amazing weekend. The drive was tiring on me, as was the walking... so Sunday I slept. And today I slept, except for my evening dance lesson, which went very well!!!

This is a busy week - hopefully I'll be able to balance rest, treatments, dance, and the other stuff I have to do.

<3 Carla

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