Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evening Thinklings

I got that rash again today, but it was weirder because I didn't cough up anything hugely noticeable, like the other two times. I was coughing, and I did get dressed before noon, but other than that everything else was different.

Will someone just tell me what the hell is wrong with me so I can take a pill and get on with my life??? This having to take Benadryl shit is getting old. Benadryl makes me sooo sleepy (as if I don't already have problems staying awake).

I fell asleep today while waiting for my nurse, while watching Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, while waiting for my friend to arrive, and about a million other times I can't remember. I suck at staying awake - a thing I'm trying to get over, and the Benadryl doesn't help in any way, shape or form.


When a girl who is much cooler than you wants to date your nerdy ass, you are not supposed to say, "But I have to do math." You are supposed to bow at her feet and do whatever she will let you do.


You know you need to clean your desk when looking for a nail file, all hell breaks loose.


Those are my thoughts for this evening. It's now time for bed. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Carla - sucks about the falling asleep thing. I am allergic to pretty much everything under the sun (yeah, I'm one of those freaks) and if I remember correctly, there is a non-drowsy form of Benadryl (don't know if it's actually Benadryl brand, but it's worth a shot).

Also, I totally agree about the desk thing. I love how I'm like, hmmm I wonder where that marker is...I'll look in my desk drawer and four hours later, my floor and room are covered in crap, the marker is no where to be found and I have inadvertantly forced myself into cleaning. Ah well - last time I did that, it wasn't all bad. I found a pack of gum in there!


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