Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Metaphorical Sex

So while talking to a guy friend online last night, the conversation ended up where he sent me this sequence of messages:

why are we not having sex
right now
not in the literal sense
but metaphorically"

And my question is, "How do you metaphorically have sex?"

Seriously, is that possible? I would like to open up a discussion about this, because I am curious.


Hobbes said...

With Keaton, all types of sex are possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have to be an English major to have metaphorical sex. Something like, "Put your gerund in my similie, baby." I thought I was well-versed, but this is a new one to me!

I'll be interested in hearing how it's done if you figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Metaphorical sex is evolutionarily unstable and historically unsustainable. While female homo sapiens may selectively prefer mates who exhibit superior proficiency during metaphorical sex ritual, for thousands of years major homo sapiens societies are patriarchal. This political pressure effectively counters the evolutionary selection that females apply.

For the majority of women, sex is a mind and body thing. While literal sex appeals to the body, the mind is fueled by metaphorical sex, which exists in too many styles and psychological levels to enumerate.

For men, sex is a body and ... well, body -- thing. While they don't require literal sex every time, sex is still a very physical thing no matter what form it takes: adult entertainment, cyber sex, etc. You can't sweet whisper a man into feeling good without giving a hand (a bad pun).

Is metaphorical sex possible? Yes. Was "metaphorical sex" the intended phrase? Maybe, maybe not. It might as well have been a misnomer for pretend sex or virtual sex.

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