Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I Can Still Do

Last night I wrote that post with the YouTube videos, and it made me sad. Then I got THIS comment, and it made me happy. I was never saying you shouldn't go ahead with transplant - Hell yes I'm waiting for my new pair of lungs (even though I'm not that sick, I still look ahead and think about transplant).

So today when I went to get my port flushed, I was thinking about all the things I can still do when I'm healthy (and some even when I'm not). So here's my list of Things I Can Still Do:

*Walk without oxygen!

*Sleep without oxygen!

*Walk up a flight of stairs!

*Walk down many flights of stairs!

*Shower on my own!

*Do my home IVs when I need to

*DANCE! (maybe not for huge amounts of time, but I can dance)

*Skip for short distances!

*Do the dishes

*Fold laundry (doing it is hard, but folding not so much)

*Breathe. I don't have to have O2 while I'm sitting. So life is still good.

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BreathinSteven said...

Hey You!

I'm glad my comment made you happy -- and I wasn't sure how to take the last few lines of your "nightmare" post and I was hoping you hadn't written off transplant -- I'm glad my hopes came true...

I saw your video -- you're beautiful -- inside and out. I hope you live a good, long time before you have to take this route... I hope before then, they find a cure or a treatment that stops CF from progressing and maybe you never need a transplant... But if you do -- I hope you get the lungs you need and that your life is more magnificent than mine...

It's kinda funny -- part of you does a little, but really, you have no clue how much you're struggling compared to a "normal" person... And leave me tell you, this breathin' stuff with "normal" lungs freakin' ROCKS MY WORLD...

You keep dancing and skipping and walking up stairs (let me tell you about stairs someday!!!) And keep your spirit and your attitude -- it's gotten you where you are, and will get you through so much in life...



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