Sunday, March 23, 2008

Evening Thinklings

*I will go back and label my posts by relevance, since that's the cool way to blog.

* Why is it just so much easier NOT to shower??? I don't have many things in my life to occupy my time, and I STILL manage to find things to do other than showering.

* Retail therapy - it really works. Every time I get hurt, I buy a new purse. See my closet FULL of purses.

* This year's Spring Break: Spring break. My friends worked their way though it - definitely not cool enough to sit somewhere with a margarita in one hand and Jimmy Buffet playing in the background. My friends might be cool enough to listen to Jimmy Buffet while they work, but I doubt it, since several of them didn't know why the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" restaurant was called that. I don't care. You should at least know OF Jimmy Buffet and refer to him every time you are in a Chinese Buffet or and Old Country Buffet if you were raised in this country. Don't even get me started on all the references you should be able to make with Warren Buffet.

* I will finish my God Damned book if it kills me. Yes, I have said this before - and when I say this, I usually get much closer to finishing. Maybe if I declare this enough, someday it will be done. And then I will spend 10 years getting it published, and by then I will have to explain to people that it was "written over time" and "it was a process."

*What if it takes several weeks of me not eating to clear out my bloated stomach? Because, that's what seems to be happening. I shouldn't be pooping this much. Or maybe I shouldn't be eating this little. I don't know which.

* Why, when I can flirt with almost any guy (or girl, sometimes) and end up with them, do I choose to flirt with and chase after the one person with no flirting radar? Seriously, this kid would miss a flirt if it hit him in the head - cuz I did.

* Why is dancing so much more fun when you can get down with your silly self?

* My children are going to think the "boogey man" is the man who comes and dances you to sleep, cuz I'm that cool. And every night I'll tell them, "Goodnight, I love you. I'll see you in the morning, now Boogie Down, Boogey Man!" If you could only see the AWESOME gesture.


Jeremy said...

I'm reminded of a time when I was in high school, and was approached by an incredibly attractive intelligent girl:

her:"That shirt looks good on you"
*flirtatiously fingers the collar of my shirt*
me:"Thanks, my grandmother gave it to me"

I was a tremendous nerd.

Are tickets for the showcase on sale yet?


Anonymous said...

You mean... "my grandma gave it to me" was wrong? Hmm, that explains my luck with girls. All right, how should one answer?

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