Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why I Walk

This year will be my third year walking Great Strides in Madison. I have walked every year since I moved here. It is easy to raise money for myself, but the real reason I walk if for the little kids.

I love children, and it hurts to see little kids with feeding tubes, little kids in the hospital, and little kids doing the vest. They shouldn't have to. They should get to live like normal little kids.

I know I had treatments when I was little and I have never known anything different, and the little kids are the same - but I know how horrible CF is, and no one else should have to go through it.

Last year I made my first montage for fundraising, and it was because I saw the montage Emily's mom Tami had made. They are a family who live near my original hometown. Emily's montage was so well done I cried the whole way through. This year, her Mom made an even better one, and again I cried. Click and watch it.


Little kids are our Sunshine, and it's not fair that something like CF can take them away.

I've already had 21 great years, and I want kids like Emily to have at least that many!
So please, if you don't donate for me - donate for the little kids like Emily.

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Anonymous said...

Oh. Wow. Thank you for sharing Emily's montage on your site, Carla. I don't even have the words to express what your comments mean to me. I always figure that if a montage moves one person to action then it was worth the time spent. I'm glad to know that last year's had an impact on you.

Thank you for continuing to walk. For Emily. That means a lot to me.


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