Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Evening Thinklings

* I deal really well with pressure. The urge to kill and maim people arises when something stressful happens. Don't stress me out.

* This is my little dance related rant - it has nothing to do with the people involved, so don't get all critical on my ass, but the situation BLOWS CHUNKS. We have 12 couples to dance - I set up partners and all was right with the world. Then my captain (I'm Vice-Captain... don't get me started on the "Vice" thing... I'd prefer "Co" or "2nd in command" or "The one with a little less power but a louder voice" or "The Lord High Everything Else" but I got "Vice-Captain") kept looking for NEW people to join the formation AFTER the partners were set to 12 couples and the world was happy. Then, a month to three weeks before we perform these two new people come (and I love them as people), and I don't want them to dance because I don't want to fuck up our little happy (albeit LARGE) group of 12 couples. It's TOO DAMN LATE. If these two new people wanted to dance together and not screw up another couple, then FINE. But I will not screw up another couple to please two people who joined the team WAY TOO LATE.
That's all I have to say for now about that. Thank you.

* Maybe I will burn calories by simply walking to the fridge every hour and screaming into the freezer and/or fridge that I'm "SO FUCKING HUNGRY!" And then I return to my desk to tend to the million emails I've gotten today.

* The million emails. Seriously, knock it off unless you are commenting on the blog or donating to CF - which you should do :-)

* I am FULL of things to say today. Just try and keep these fingers still!!!

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