Thursday, April 3, 2008

Evening Thinklings

*Why would you call someone you know DOESN'T LIKE YOU and request a favor or information??? Especially when it is someone I consider part of what I like to call the "Dancing Triumvirate of Evil." Guys are dumb. So way dumb.

*Out of all the things I wanted to do today, I only got the dishes done. You have no idea how much my heart hurts because I don't have the energy to fold my laundry and now it is becoming a wrinkled mess and I may have to wash it again - hold that thought - SOMEONE ELSE may have to re-wash it.

*This is a noticeable difference from last spring/summer. I am noticing how little I can do and it is pissing me off to the max.

*Total number of hours slept in the last 24: 16.5 - that's since midnight. I have slept 16.5 hours since midnight - and I was talking my anti-sleeping meds. I have a problem.

*I sure hope I can stay awake during this movie.

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