Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning thinklings

* I have been awake since NINE THIRTY!!! I ACTUALLY GOT MY ASS OUT OF BED BEFORE 10 AM!!! Holy fucking cow - maybe I WILL beat this depression. I actually woke up and felt that I could get out of bed. That there were blogs to read and blog entries to type and nurses to wait for and piano pieces to practice, and that was enough to get me out of bed.

* Showcase today - totally NOT freaking out like I should be because a) I don't care and 2) I don't care. (Mad About You reference with the A and the 2)

* So my friend pointed THIS out to me today. Look at comment 112. Yup that's me and I know him. What a great friend :-)

*I made the donation box last night, and it turned out pretty fucking cool - and only took me 45 minutes. :-) Which is a short time in Carla's Crafty Land.

*How does my toaster KNOW that it's not plugged in? It won't let me push the button down on my frozen waffles if it is not plugged in. My toaster is currently smarter than I am.

*My motto for this weekend full of showcases and dancing and family: I. Don't. Care. That's actually been my motto for the last week or so, so that I don't freak out over all the things I haven't done. Yup.


Matt Todd said...

I think i picked up the slack for you today and slept until 1. Good luck at the showcase. The toaster likely operates with some sort of electromagnet. Meaning that it is held down by a magnet that is controlled electronically. Without electricity there is magnetic force to hold it down. Sorry, that's the nerdy engineer in me speaking.

Anonymous said...


This is not related in any way to your post...sorry. I don't have your e-mail address anymore, and I know you'll read this, eventually.

Two questions
1. Is your montage for GS this year on DVD by any chance? If so would you be willing to make a copy and send it to me for use at our Comedy Improv fundraiser next weekend? Keep in mind the location of the fundraiser. That may impact your decision.

2. Also, can you attend said fundraiser next weekend? I'd love to have you there. It's a pretty sure bet that you can suspend gloomy thoughts for a couple of hours if you do. (Keep in mind the location...that may impact your decision! :) )

E-mail me when you can


Anonymous said...

*gasp* Busted... I am pretty sure that I didn't mention a word to you. Who else is reading Freakonomics? :)

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