Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Sign

I have found Balloon Arch Guy (he was before my blogging days -like YEARS before I started blogging, he has no clue who he is, and very few of you would remember who the hell I'm talking about) - and I'm taking this as a sign that all may be right with the world again someday.

I have very vivid memories of a stripped shit, me wearing clothing that I could never fit in now, my BREATHE bracelet, the tango, and faking Viennese Waltz. And well, of course the Balloon Arch, because that is how he got his nickname. Haha.


Chris S. said...

Double take: A striped what?? :D

Dancing65Roses said...

I fixed it - and honestly I just don't spell well haha. If the red line underneath doesn't show up, I think i'm doing pretty good, except for those pesky words that mean something else haha.

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