Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I Hate the World

So I finally called the gynecologist. It took all my strength and effort to make that call because I really don't want to have to GO to the gynecologist and be examined and all that effort is just hurting my brain right now.

So I called the gynecologist and explained that I am bleeding and have CF and I need to get in to see her - and the best they can do is end of June beginning of July- and my exact words were, "You're fucking kidding me." and the receptionist said, "No, I'm not and I'd prefer if you wouldn't use that language with me." Well it was an instinct. What am I supposed to do??? Bleed until the end of JUNE? Bleed my way through Europe??? You're FUCKING kidding me.

And the soonest the nurse practitioner can see me is wait for it... April 28th. NOT EVEN NEXT WEEK. YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING ME. That's 2.5 weeks from now. Thank God we're pretty sure I'm not dying, or else I'd be FUCKING screwed.

The nurse is supposed to call me back and talk about things so I can get an appointment sooner, but all this makes me want to never make another phone call or see another doctor ever again. I hate doctors so much.

They are supposed to be there to help you when you have problems, and they can't help me until July, apparently. That's the next opening she has to help someone who needs to figure out why the fuck she is bleeding every single day of the month. Oh wait, there are about two days I don't bleed - If I'm lucky.

I hate doctors.

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Anonymous said...

You can probably get in to see your doctor before june or july. I think you can have a nurse call you if someone cancels and your doctor's schedule opens or a quick appointment- at least that is how it goes w/ my ob/gyn. Good luck!

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