Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Evening Thinklings

* I think I have officially run out of interesting things to write about. Either that, or I've lost all motivation to write.

* Observation for the evening: How do you get a guy to pay attention to you? Date someone else. Apparently, guys are THAT dumb.

* My mother and my dance coach went to high school together - this is sooo traumatizing me.

* I caused a couple people a WHOLE lotta trouble by posting those photos on Facebook - let's get a few things straight.
1) They look MUCH worse than ANYTHING that happened
2) All the quotes are from more than 6 hours.
3) I really was sober - ya'll might remember a little incident known as "Carla was drunk for two days?" I really didn't want to repeat that, therefore, I did not drink. That's why we have documentation of what the drunken people said.
4) It was not an orgy. Like Eric said, the only clothing that came off were his socks.
5) It was all in fun to help someone get over a bad breakup. And to the jerk who is hurting my friend because of this - GROW UP! Nothing happened - less than nothing. My friend slept in her own bed. BY HERSELF.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! i love you!

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