Thursday, April 3, 2008

L to the AME

Today is Thursday.

I woke up at 10:15, had breakfast, and by 11am I was back in bed I was THAT tired. I then managed to sleep until 3pm, with one interruption from an annoying ex calling me about some dumb project he is working on. Right, like I'm the only person who knows anything about indoor air quality. Do I LOOK like I know anything about indoor air quality??? I didn't think so.

I know that the hospitals use HEPA filters, which are HELLA expensive. Other than that, not opening the windows EVER and using a high quality furnace filter keep my allergies in check. BAH! It's a good thing I didn't answer my phone. I had important sleeping to do.

I only woke up at 3 because my nurse got here and it's not nice to leave your wonderful nurse standing outside when she is supposed to be pounding the crap out of you - literally. She pounds the crap out of me. I call it Chest PT (which it is... chest physiotherapy) but it's also called Postural Drainage, which is such an ugly term. I like Chest PT.

And now it's 5pm and I haven't gotten ANYTHING done today - except for getting dressed. I got dressed. And I have three-ish hours until I have to go pick up my friend (or at least be awake enough to get ready to go pick her up), and I REALLY want to sleep more.

I guess doing laundry is just too exhuasting for my body to handle. That and not being able to sleep well the last couple nights, paired with the fact that I feel a lung infection coming on (yeah, I can tell these things. I will make it through showcase weekend, and then I'll be in the hospital probably. DAMN!)

I need another nap - and someone to fold the laundry.

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