Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I Hate The World

I have multiple reasons right now.

* Depression. No one should have to suffer like this. I think I might take all that CF money and put it towards curing mental illness. (just kidding - CF needs the money too. If I beat this mental illness, I would sure as hell like to beat the physical one too!!!)

As I see things: Physical illness - piece of cake! Mental illness - worse than anything else I can think of. And I've had "milder" mental issues. I can't imagine what being Bipolar or Schizophrenic would be like. Maybe I'll become an avid member of AMI (Alliance for the Mentally Ill)

* Everything. Everything bothers me - things that wouldn't normally bother me at ALL bother me. The fact that one of my best friends seems to be helping more people with their problems than me? Bothers me. The fact that two people I know are hanging out/maybe dating when I have nothing invested in that at all? Bothers me. The fact that Oscar the dog just walked by and tripped and fell face first into the grass? Bothers me. Having no candy in the house? Bothers me. The mess on my desk? Bothers me. The fact that I'm alone and relatively bored? Bothers me.

I want things to stop bothering me!!!

* I keep thinking in "blog." I was outside laying in the sun and I noticed that the thoughts in my head were running as if I were typing them here in my blog. That's what I get for updating so much and reading so much

* Boys. I know I complain about boys a lot, but seriously, they are stupid. I got a great comment on my last post about boys from a CF mom. It made me smile HUGE.
And apparently I looked really great in the photos from showcase because I've had many - much more than a handful of - boys tell me so. And these are boys who I've dated, or almost dated or kinda sorta dated - and all I have to say is WHY CAN'T ANY OF THEM MAKE A COMMITMENT?

Okay I am done.

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Prin said...

lol!! I love this post. :D

You blog almost as much as I do. lol

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